Condom for doomsday 2012


Durex will be banned in North Korea


Durex breaks glass


Santa condom


No mints, please use condoms instead


Condom endorsed by Church


Why sleeping with dog is better than with a girl


Get pregnant or using condom, which one is cheaper?


Shoes for your third foot: condom


Durex is better than diamond


You need lubricant! Funny Durex Play ad


Caught naked!


Durex XXL again, and again

funny Durex XXL ad

I don't know whether Durex only has XXL size. If this is true, this explains why Durex does not do well in Japan and some Asian countries.

Euro 2004

funny condom ad, euro 2004 Greek team

Since this ad was published, all Greeks bought so many Durex condoms and therefore now the country is in debt crisis.

Bullet protector

funny condom ad, penis is bullet, put condom on it

it likes bullet because it will try to penetrate. So, when you enjoy the penetration, ask your partner to put come cover on his bullet.

Plan your family

funny ad promoting the use of condom for family planning

Nice campaign. Is it in China?

Funny condom ads: Durex XXL again

funny condom ads, Durex xxx, extra long penis

Durex again! Condom again!. But this time, it is XXL.

Happy farther’s day for those not using condom

funny condom ads, happy father

Side effects of this ad: guys suffer from premature ejaculation will look for non-Durex products.

Condom saves life

Funny commercial of Durex:

Funny condom ad: ultra-thin condom

funny ultra-thin condom ad

How thin it can be? Nice advertisement.

Funny dotted comdom ad, love is blind

funny condom ad, dotted condom by Durex, love is blind

Love is blind. Making love is not blind.

Funny condom ad: no exit

funny Durex condom ad, no exit

How to find the exit? A question for sperms. Durex just made it complicated.

Play basketball, use condom

funny condom ads, play basketball, use condom

Playing basketball is related to using condom. Just a commercial of this unknown condom brand. I hope it is strong enough.

Funny condom ads: cycling

funny condom ads, cycling, Elasun condom

Never heard this brand. Sold in China or Japan only? Anyway, good message is to do more exercise to keep your sex.

Funny comdom ads: swimming

funny condom ad for Elasun condom, swimming

Swimming improves your health, and your sex drive. Nice ad for Elasun condom.

Blow job may kill you, use condom

funny blow job, you put a gun in your mouth, so use condom to protect yourself

it is like a gun that you put into your mouth. Protect yourself with condom.

Blow job, too big

funny Durex XXL condom ad, blow job

Another Durex XXL condom ad. The consequence of blow job if it is too big. Be aware, girls.

Tulipan condom ad: happy aunts

funny Tulipan condom ads, happy aunts

Where comes the girl (or boy) if this Tulipan condom works? Better choose Durex, because all Durex ads only has the sexy and happy woman. No Kidding.

Funny condom ads: take longer

funny condom ads, play crossword,  long pleasure

Play crossword? It seems the sex is boring for the guy. Poor condom.

Sexy sex education: use condoms to protect yourself from bugs

sexy sex education, use condom to protect yourself from bugs

Nice educational material for sex education. Actually it is a commercial for a condom. Anyway, every man wants to be the bug, or to smash the bug.

Just a shadow

funny shadow, condom, and woman

Don't think too much, it is simply a shadow. Hopefully, this post is not censored in the middle east.

Sex education: Condoman says, protect yourself

funny sex education, protect yourself, use condom, said condoman

Funny and cool sex education poster. Use condom, to protect yourself.

Durex Play O Gel

funny Durex ad for Play O Gel, sexy

Next time, you should ask your partner to try the Durex Play O Gel. It is impressing, isn't it?

Durable condom, from Durex

funny Durex condom ad for durable condoms

The ad achieved its purpose. It seems it is durable enough, and even teach you a position for your to enjoy this durable one.

Sexy condom ad

funny and sexy ad, balloon

Condom ads should be sexy. This is how man can remember the brand, and the girl.

funny condom ads, Durex

funny Durex condom advertisement, overload

Man only has one problem; woman has many.. Enjoy your sex with Durex..

Pope condom

funny pop condom, I said no

Yes, Pope did say no...

Old but not expired

funny condom advertisement, old but not expired

A new flavor of condoms: old but not expired.

Plus size condom

funny plus size condom, not for everyone

Do you really need the plus size condom? think again after reading this photo.

Valentine day condom

be mine, the funny valentine day gift condom

A sure-win Valentine day gift: a condom like this.