Shit slogan: organsm donor


No dignity, no virginity, get in or get out


Breakfast included, this girl promises

sexy-t-shirt-breakfast included

Sexy girl’s panties: are we there yet?


Locating tits


Meet the twins


Huge boobs girl


Look at my chest when I am talking


My boobs like collage


Eat my boobs


Cow girl


I wish these were brains


shit slogan: my boyfriend’s wife hate my boobs


Indian playboy


Shit slogan: find yourself a redhead if you want trouble


My dad thinks I am a virgin


Big pen or penis? be clear guys!


Shit slogan: future trophy wife


Kiss my boobs, bitch asks


Are you looking at my ass?


For research purpose only breast


Hilarious and sexy T shirts design

hilarious-weird-and-sexy-t-shirts-design, sexy woman hugs you

My nipples get harder than most guy’s dicks

funny shit slogan, my nipples get harder than most guys

Not offensive, because it is the truth. Nowadays, many guys can only type and make cyber friends, and are not able to make a physical love. Woman is complaining.

Sorry boys, I eat pussy

sorry boys, i eat pussy

Do you guys dare to try this girl?

Fresh balls

funny t-shirt slogan, fresh balls are here

Where are the fresh balls? Woman wants the answer, and here it is. Shit slogan.

begging money for the assassination of George W. Bush

funny beggaring, bagging money for the assassination of George W.  Bush

At least, you will get support form 51% Americana and 80% of world population.

I bet you cannot hit me with a quarter

funny sign, I bet you cannot hit me with a quarter

I bet you cannot hit me with a quarter.

Ninja’s killed my family, need monry for Kongfu lessons

funny beggaring, Ninja

Are the Kongfu lessons just coning you? Better to use the money on beer and woman so that you will bury your hatred.

funny beggar, I am not bullshiting you

funny beggar, need money for beer and hooker, I am not bullshiting you at least

Good beggar, your begging is justified; all man should support him. We also need money for beer and hooker.

I did this to you

funny slogan, I did this to you, for the new baby

Are you sure you did it, poor guy? Maybe your best friend did it, only your wife or girlfriend knows. Anyway, congratulations for the new baby.

I love my marriage, a liar

funny slogan, a liar, i love my marriage

Your eyes tell the truth: it is just a lie. Woman likes the lie.

Why my ego is so big?

shit slogan, wanna know why my ego is so big

Shit slogan. Wanna know why my ego is so big?

Funny slogan, kill all humans

funny slogan, kill all humans

It is free to speak and express yourself, so does robots or cartoons.

Porn star

funny slogan, real porn star, every woman can be a porn star

Porn stars are always reluctant to admit their occupation. This lady is an exception. This photo also illustrates any woman can be a porn star in the bed room.

Honest beggar: need money to get molested

funny beggar, need money to drunken so that  woman can molest him

An honest beggar. All politicians should learn from him.

Funny slogan, fart loading

funny slogan, fart now loading

Shit slogan, shit bitch.

Top ten reasons to buy me booze

funny beggar, top 10 reasons to buy me the booze

Beggars are different. This guy sounds like a politician: talking rubbish seriously.

Aliens seeking help

funny sign, aliens seeking help to go back to Mars

Poor guys, you cannot go back to Mars. Live with human beings here. I know this is a tough task in US, as they are worse than animals. Anyway, stop complaining, if some Asians notice you, they will braise you (FYI, they eat every living things.)

Drink till you want me

drink more beer, then you will want to have sex with me

Beer is good, especially for man. It can help you get girls, at least. For girls, of course, it help you become women.

Good, cheap and fast service

funny sign, good, cheap and fast service

Don't be greedy. Good and cheap service cannot be fast. Good and fast service cannot be cheap. Cheap and fast service cannot be good.