Funny Australian road sign


Party in the pool, only seen in Australia

party in a pool, use slippers as float

Enjoy your life, enjoy your party, Australians. Your slippers are great.

Funny sign: be aware of invisibility

funny sign, be aware of invisibility, only seen in Australia.

Another shit sign: be aware of invisibility. Only seen in Australia.

Sorry, I just want to pee

man driving car into water to pee, only seen in Australia

It is not necessary to drive the car into the water, if you just want to pee.. Only seen in Australia.

Funny squirrel–only seen in Australia

funny squirrel, only seen in Australia

Cute squirrel. Probably can only be seen in Australia, the home country of the wikileakers...

Funny beach love making–in Australia

funny Australian beach fucking under the sun

Size does matter: look at the facial expressions of the lady. Anyway, poor Australian guy, you fake it...

Funny road sign that can only be found in Australia

funny road signs that can only found in Australia

You probably already know that Australia is a country with more kangaroos than men (or women) . Do you know there are a lot of special roads that can only be found in Australia?