The art of tipping, lol


ATM of Arrogant Bank


Unlikely couple


Place your card here


No name namecard, funny


Homeless, so I need a rich woman for my dick


Funny beggar, need cash for alcohol research


funny beggar: not only Obama, I also want your change


Funny beggar, I will throw cat through your windows, unless you give me money


Even dog knows how to queue


Blonde math for hot dog


Funny special drink offer, buy two get two


People like special offers. Here is the solution for such patrons.

Funny wrong job: ATM operator

Jobs in banking sector are not necessarily attractive, especially in a German bank. If one day, all computers are on strike, this may happen.

Funny wrong job: ATM operator


Ironman also need money

funny iron man beggar, need money

Iron beggar? Anyway, everyman needs money.

Ninja’s killed my family, need monry for Kongfu lessons

funny beggaring, Ninja

Are the Kongfu lessons just coning you? Better to use the money on beer and woman so that you will bury your hatred.

funny beggar, I am not bullshiting you

funny beggar, need money for beer and hooker, I am not bullshiting you at least

Good beggar, your begging is justified; all man should support him. We also need money for beer and hooker.

Honest beggar: need money to get molested

funny beggar, need money to drunken so that  woman can molest him

An honest beggar. All politicians should learn from him.

Funny panties: who need credit card when you have the pussy

True. But the panties just give you the dream, dude.

How to rate girls and guys

how to rate a girl and guy

There is an equation for rating a guy, as well as an equation for rating a girl. If you do not know, read the picture.