Cigarette sunglasses


No smoking, cockroaches may get cancer


Bad boy

funny drunken kid drinking and smoking

Train your kids early to be sociable.

Funny celebration

funny celebration, smoking leads to longevity

Proof that smoking leads to longevity. Sponsored by a tobacco company.

Sex, Sex, Sex, sorry, just no smoking

funny no smoking sign, sex

A sign that can catch the attention of both man and woman. It is better than a plain "no smoking"; human brains need some stimulation constantly nowadays.

No smoking, but not for birds

funny birds smoking

Do the birds know smoking may link to lung cancer? Who cares?

Failed tobacco advertisement

failed tobacco advertisement

Anyway, for tobacco companies, they have enough profit to put more advertisements..

Play with the sun lighter

funny scene, turn the sun into lighter

You can turn the sun into your lighter. How to do this? PS..