Sexy girl’s panties: are we there yet?


Funny panties: love you for long time


Show your buttocks day


Hot spots

funny bra ad, hot spots through x-ray

Another creative bra advertisement. Man knows where the hot spots are. So, when buy the bra, man will buy the thong for sure.

Positive proof of global warming, through the size of panties

positive proof of global warming through the size of woman

When the Al Gore won the Noble prize, we were not convinced. But when sexy woman shows you the panties, you (for man only) surely will be convinced. Now you know why Al Gore was convinced

Spank the girl for $2

funny panties, spank me for $2

Shit panties again. Spank me for $2. Maybe 2 cents if you are strong enough..

Funny panties: who need credit card when you have the pussy

True. But the panties just give you the dream, dude.

Funny panties, your lucky day

funny panties, your luck day

Shit panties. If you can read this, this bitch belongs to you.

Funny Jeans? or Funny Panties?

funny plus size panties

Plus size is nothing wrong, as told you before. many men are dreaming such plus size girls. So, it is not strange, many readers (mainly man) will like this jean and panties.

Funny girl who loves to fart

funny girl, I love to fart, shit slogan

Farting is nothing wrong, especially for girls. But if you put it is your panties, it will make you more attractive...

Funny panties–your boyfriend wants me

funny panties, your boyfriend wants me

Another shit slogan in the shit panties, for man..

Funny panties–sex in city

funny panties, sex in city

Panties always give illusions to man. So does this shit slogan.