Funny guys with funny hats


Do you know which festival these guys are attending?

Insane Kentucky Derby Hat: castle

Insane Kentucky Derby Hat: castle

Hey, maybe your castle need a woman.

Insane Kentucky Derby Hat: I love USA

Insane Kentucky Derby Hat: I love USA

Plus size, American size, even the hat in Kentucky.

Most insane Kentucky Derby feather hat

Most insane Kentucky Derby feather hat

Insane hat does not insane looking. Anyway, beautiful girls makes it acceptable for guys.

Kentucky Derby hat: flamingo


Bird lover! Welcome to Kentucky!

Insane Kentucky Derby hat: flowers


A flower lover!

Kentucky Derby hats for lady


Kentucky Derby!

Chinese police office, funny building


The hat is everything in China.

Funny hat for a little girl


It is cute, isn't it?

Hilarious girl taking off bra as hat


Nice hat. If you can take off your clothes, you would look better.

Funny stupid hat


Fashion does not mean stupid.

Bird attacking person: take off the hat


You like bird, so bird likes you, and your hat. Poor bald guy.

Funny toothpaste ad for bad breath, Aquafresh

no matter in golf court, or in the beach, bad breath can be embarrassing. So buy a cap, if Aquafresh cannot solve the problem.

funny toothpaste advertisement, Aquafresh

Cover yourself in the beach, I mean man, not woman

In the beach, man also need cover himself to avoid hungry eyes ….

funny picture, man in the beach, cover himself