Couple kissing


Bad breath


Bad breath is not only embarrassing,  but also life threatening. If you have this problem, cure it (possible?) before taking ambulance.

Photobomb: I don’t care about your kiss

funny photo kissing, bad breath,

Not everybody cares about your kiss. I told you already.

Funny Aquafresh ad for bad breath

funny Aquafresh ad, couple in bed

It seems Aquafresh cannot solve the bad breath problem, Poor ad.

Funny toothpaste ad for bad breath, Aquafresh

funny toothpaste advertisement, Aquafresh

no matter in golf court, or in the beach, bad breath can be embarrassing. So buy a cap, if Aquafresh cannot solve the problem.

Photo bomb: eeee bad breath

funny photo bomb, bad breath, kiss, wingman

Wingman usually is essential for entertainment in almost all weddings. This time, he cannot live with the bad breath of the bride, it seems.