Dog proposing marriage

Dog proposing marriage

Itching buttocks


Just married


Your dick is too small


Fight for gay marriage


Unhappy bride


Funny wedding hairdo: cock


Marriage hostage


Marriage license


A man married with his horse


One man with two women


Ms. Death is coming


Funny blow job marriage cake


Cheating during wedding


3 words that will save the economy: gay bridal registry


Gay marriage killed dinosaur


It sounds possible. At least it is better than the rubbish theory said by so called scientist.

Funny wedding cake, run away


Funny wedding cake, beheaded groom


This is the reality show.

Funny wedding cake: game over

funny wedding cake, game over

Man got married usually for sex. Marriage itself is not as interesting as games.

Look at it again when you want to marry

funny wedding cake, woman chain a man like a dog

A stern warning fro all man who are thinking about marriage. Order this cake, you will change your mind.

Come back, eat the wedding cake!

funny wedding cake, come back, you cannot run away

Man understands; he runs. Woman understands; he cannot run .... Simple!!

Funny wedding cake, take garbage out

funny wedding cake, take the garbage out

Nice idea to clear garbage before the marriage. The problem is you may throw away your groom.

Funny wedding cake, kick the groom away

funny wedding cake, kick the groom away

This bride need a bit patience. You have many chances to kick the guy away when you hook a new target.

Funny wedding cake, skiing couple

funny wedding cake with skiing couple, ready for sex

Skiing is good good for your health, and your sexual life. This pair is ready now.

Funny wedding cake: no way to run away

This is the reality. Most often man only wants a woman, not a marriage. But for woman, she wants both a man and a marriage.

Sex education: do you want to have sex with Hitler?

funny sex education, stay cool, or you will be screwed by Hitler

Current or even previous generations cannot read it properly, as not so many girls hate Hitler any more. Anyway, at that time, girls were different from today's, and they would not want to be screwed by a politician unless there were no choices.

Cheating husband sign

funny yard sign, cheating husband

Ex-wife is always the most dangerous.

I love my marriage, a liar

funny slogan, a liar, i love my marriage

Your eyes tell the truth: it is just a lie. Woman likes the lie.

Photo bomb: breard man in the beach

funny photo bomb, wedding photo, beard man, in the beach

Just curious, why not sunbath?

Photo bomb: eeee bad breath

funny photo bomb, bad breath, kiss, wingman

Wingman usually is essential for entertainment in almost all weddings. This time, he cannot live with the bad breath of the bride, it seems.

Photo bomb: a disgusting marriage

photo bomb, a disgusting marriage, vomiting boy

Surely, the boy is sick of the wedding. The bride is boring? or the food is not good.

Russian photo bomb, who cares

funny Russian photo bomb, who cares

Obviously, after some vodka, he is no longer interested in woman.

Funny photo bomb: mating dogs

funny photo bomb, mating dogs, wedding photo

The dogs cannot wait even one more minute.

Russian photo bomb, wedding

funny Russian photo bomb, wedding

Nice bomber, seen in Russia.

Japanese photo bomb: I am here

funny Japanese photo bomb, wedding

Most Japanese guys are too reserved, except this bomber.

Wedding cars

funny wedding cars

Wedding is not just for two persons; more parties are also involved, including cars.

How to get breakfast in bed?

how to get breakfast in bed? sleep in the kitchen

Want to get breakfast in bed? This angry wife will tel you how: sleep in the kitchen.

To the cheating husband

funny billboard to cheating husband

Woman especially, wife, is innovative. The only option for man is to stay single.

Before marriage

before marriage, man and woman

Staying as single has its reasons. Here is one that frightens man..

Dude, you will get three mother-in-laws

funny marriage, three wives mean three mother-in-laws

Don't be so excited, dude. You will have three mother-in-laws, as well...