Golden shoes


Apple sneakers


Shoes for your third foot: condom


Funny shoes for gamers, especially Zynga fans


Real cat! not caterpillar


Funny peacock sandals

funny peacock sandals

Peacock sandals for peacocks.

Funny high heel for feminists

funny high heel, naked man as the heel

For feminists, by feminists. The morale is: under every sexy woman, there is a man supporting the heel.

Funny bra sandals

funny bra sandals, for sexy girls

Sexy girls need a pair of sexy sandals. Sexy sandals should wear a bra. That's what the designer wants to say.

Funny high heel, heel-less

funny high heel without heels

High heel without heels. Innovative design. Male readers, I know you are staring at the leg, because you never actually are interested in the shoes. Your interest lies in the body attached to the shoes.

Funny shoes with toes

funny shoes with toes

Some guys selling such shoes said they are good for your toes. Maybe my toes will know it if I think with the toes.

Funny bottomless shoes

funny bottomless shoes with sexy legs

The shoes are creative; the legs are more attractive, at least for guys.

Funny crocodile shoes

funny crocodile shoes for fishing

Shoes for fishing to scare snakes and insects.

Funny giraffe shoes

funny giraffe shoes for girls with short legs

Giraffe shoes for ladies with short legs, not short necks.

funny car: high red heel shoes car

funny car, high heel shoes car

Funny car, and nice high heel shoes. For sexy girls only.

Funny baby sleeping

funny baby sleeping with shoes

Cute baby. Enjoy your sleep.

Funny shoe ad: Converse

funny shoe ad, converse

The ad is creative, although most guys will only see how sweet the girl is. Now you know where you can fit your feet, when you have the girl.