Shit sign: shitteron


Toilet sofa


Shit slogan: organsm donor


No dignity, no virginity, get in or get out


Cameraman’s vsion


Drunken girl shitting…


Illustrated: why you either see shitheads or assholes


Bird’s lesson: how to poop on people

funny bird book, how to poop on people

Not only human beings are leaning, but also the animals. We learn how to kill animals, so, animals learn how to shit on us.

Funny kid: I shit my pants

funny kid, I shit my pants, all I got is this lousy shirt

Cool gentleman. I shit my pants and all I got is this lousy shirt..

What does FBI stand for?

shit slogan, what does FBI stand for? Female Body Inspector

You know FBI? Maybe not. According to this guy, it stands for Female Body Inspector. Oh, this is his dream job. Just another shit slogan.

Stop staring tits

funny picture, shit slogan, stop staring tits, touch them

Yes, stop staring, touch them...Another shit slogan.

Why I don’t like Apple?

funny picture: why i don

I am never a fan of Apple. But I do not know the exact reason until this picture flashed in front of my eyes.