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Fecking funny cheap flight

before booking your cheap flight, watch this video.  

Feel young again

Funny, stupid, and banned commercials

Funny and funniest dogs

Dog is always the good friend of human.

Condom saves life

Funny commercial of Durex:

Chiclet satisfies when hes’ not

A banned commercial for Super Bowl 2011. Woman would have been more happy if the ad had been aired.


Funny Kids Video

Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

Funny and sexy commercials: firming cream

Funny animation

Funny Sex Hardcore

Funny Cats

Funny cats:

Good idea? Bad idea?

A funny video for laughing, and thinking if you have something called brain ...

Really want it

funny commercial ad. Yes, man can also be very curious when it comes to.......

Watch What You Say

Pronunciation is important. It may kill you if you have problems with H....