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Where is her head?


How to please a woman


Two drunken girls


Kids studying sexy legs


Funny Twitter Follow me on sexy legs


Funny six-sexy-leg table


Table with six legs? Man will laugh at it. But when he realizes these are sexy legs, he will like it, and suggest to adding more.

Funny chair: sexy legs

funny chair with four sexy legs

It may make you feel better when you sit on someone's legs.

Funny bottomless shoes

funny bottomless shoes with sexy legs

The shoes are creative; the legs are more attractive, at least for guys.

Funny wedding cake, kissing and sexy legs

funny wedding cake, kiss and sexy legs

The gay will repent. The woman is simply too sexy, especially the legs, which are the indication that she will run away one day. Anyway, just nonsense from a guy without a chance to touch such sexy legs.

Sexiest ad for Ford

sexiest ad for ford car

Yes, man will not care about what the product is. The legs speak enough. Enjoy, guys. Anyway, Ford is not so bad.

Funny wedding photo: whose legs?

funny wedding photo, horse

Check your wedding photos carefully, especially, suspicious legs..