Eating your boobs!


Suprised girl


Funny deep kissing: two dogs


Girl with big mouth


Woman with a big mouth


Her month is busy with my…


Erection in progress, poor man


funny cup

funny cup with mouth and nose

A cup man dreams.

Statue and sexy girls

funny statue staring at  sexy girls

Not only their mouths, but also eyes, are hungry, when there are any sexy girls. This is called live statue; that is why most people will take photos with them.

Funny urinal, hungry mouth waiting for your dick

funny urinal, red and hungry mouth waiting for your dick

Guys will like it, and pee there even he has nothing to pee. Enjoy the virtual blow job.

Funny water closet

funny water closet, mouth licking your buttocks

Water closet can be amusing, not just stinky. You probably will feel better if you can image it is your boss who is licking your buttocks there.

Funny urinal-suck it

funny urinal, mouth, suck it, female

It is funny, but not attractive for man. A female's mouth is needed; otherwise, use it in the lady's room.

Funny shopping bag: dirty mouth

funny shopping bag, dirty mouth

The shopping bag can be fun, and can be creative. This one shows you the dirty mouth; but look carefully, it is just a shopping bag.