Dog playing hide and seek

Dog playing hide and seek

Cat touching butts in TV


Giant butts in living room


Perfect buttocks


Funny 3D TV


Get news from comedy

2011-tv-channels, news=comedy, comedy=news

The girl is so hot that…


Your buttocks block TV, reloaded


Your big fat butt!


Funny and sexy ad: kids shouldn’t watch too much TV

funny and sexy advertisement, lego, kids shouldn

As said, such TV is for parents. Good commercial, LEGO.

Bad Scooby

funny Scooby seeing sexy woman

When there is a sexy woman, even Scooby playing in the TV cannot keep calm. Man should learn from him.

Funny shopping bag: flat screen TV

funny shopping bag, flat screen tv

It is an excellent advertisement for "flat" screen TV.

Funny shopping bag: old fashioned TV

funny shopping bag with old fashioned TV

Old fashioned TV can be relevant. This shopping bag probably is better than iPhone bag.. Anyway, it matches the girl, no doubt.