Funny rabbit

funny rabbit hiding its eyes

It is cute.

Man with an eagle’s eye


You can get an eagle’s eye. .What you need is the right moment

Dog playing hide and seek


Dog is dog. Hiding head is not more than enough: you just need hide eyes!. Better than many politicians.

Some dogs are really suck at hide and seek game: covering eyes with curtain


Just a dog! Better than politicians.

Boob vision: why it is dark?


So, you should not make judgements based on your eyes.

Look-like girl and her dog


Oh, maybe, it is a boy.

Look-like eyes: cat and girl


Drive carefully!

Myth buster II

myth-buster II

Mytthbuster’s assistant.

Age is not a problem for man to stare at boobs


Age is not a problem for man, at least, eyes. Dick is another story.

Funny hat for a little girl


It is cute, isn't it?

Age is not a problem for appreciating boobs


Age is not a problem,because it only need eyes, not the dick.

Boobs are enough


Because no guys will care about her faces. All eyeballs will drop on these two big balls.

Funny eyebrow


Sexy? isn't it?

Eyes on the buttocks

funny-tattoo-eyes on buttocks

Look behind!

Funny big eyes

Oh, this guy got bigger eyes..

funny picture, this guy got bigger eyes