College girls shopping: beers


Big drink in university days

big drink of beer in campus

Booze chess, no loser


Why two beers are always better than one?


Woman holding 10 jars of beer

star-worker-holding-10-jars of beer

Nice boobs


How to play with a drunken girl?


Lonely girl in the beach


Bad education: kids drinking beer in beach


This capable woman can hold 12 jugs


Drinking beer can be fun


It is boring if you drink beer alone. Here is one solution.

Funny dogs get beers from refrigerator


Dogs like men. So, they like beer.

Sleep in the urinal


When you drink more than you can, you will not be able to differ beer and urine.  So, sleeping on urinal simply gives better sleep.

Funny land for leisure

funny decoration for leisure

Nice deco.

Funny kids enjoying the strip dance

funny kids enjoying beer and strip dance

Good parents. Good education. Beer, money and woman, kids should learn to enjoy.

Ninja’s killed my family, need monry for Kongfu lessons

funny beggaring, Ninja

Are the Kongfu lessons just coning you? Better to use the money on beer and woman so that you will bury your hatred.

funny beggar, I am not bullshiting you

funny beggar, need money for beer and hooker, I am not bullshiting you at least

Good beggar, your begging is justified; all man should support him. We also need money for beer and hooker.

Top ten reasons to buy me booze

funny beggar, top 10 reasons to buy me the booze

Beggars are different. This guy sounds like a politician: talking rubbish seriously.

Drink till you want me

drink more beer, then you will want to have sex with me

Beer is good, especially for man. It can help you get girls, at least. For girls, of course, it help you become women.

Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

No bullshiting begger

funny begger, no bullshit, need drugs, woman, and beer

I agree he is not bullshiting. He needs beer, woman, drugs.

Why man likes beer

why man likes alcohol

Alcohol can do magic things for man, especially for picking up a woman. After drinking too much, the woman looks very differently, and you may want to pick her up. Anyhow, you will not be able to understand your eyes next morning.

Funny beer holder

funny beer holder by woman

Woman always has advantages in drink. They can hold more, because of the breast.

Naked drunken girl

funny naked drunken woman

Whenever drinking, think about this almost naked girl, for both man and woman!!

Beer machine for IT guru

beer machine for it gurus and nerds

Want to sell beer machines to IT gurus, or nerds? You need some special designs for them...

Real gentleman makes his wife loaded

funny picture, real gentleman should always make his wfie loaded , with beer

Yes, it is true, a real gentleman should make his wife fully loaded, maybe with beer if nothing else.