Hilarious,sexy, and drunken Russian girl


Drinking girl


I wish these were brains


New year party drunken girl


Three Russian gills drinking alcohol!


Drinking girls in bathtub


Funny beggar, need cash for alcohol research


Drunken and sleeping girls: I want more!


Kid and Whiskey


Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

Wow, black coffee can do it

sexy black coffee ad, smells good

Black coffee? I should give up alcohol. Great taste and smell?

Bit copa, funny and sexy

funny and sexy ad for bit copa

You now finally understand why your Brazilian friends (mainly male) like drink this.

I wish you were here. Who?

funny lady, I wish you were here..

Lady, you are not hot any more. The gravity effects can be found in your shape. The guy picked up you last night because he was drunken then..

Why man likes beer

why man likes alcohol

Alcohol can do magic things for man, especially for picking up a woman. After drinking too much, the woman looks very differently, and you may want to pick her up. Anyhow, you will not be able to understand your eyes next morning.

World map of alcohol

world map of alcohol, traveller guide

This is a handy map for travel planning.

Where is the fun of alcohol?

where is the fun of alcohol

Man and woman like alcohol. But do you know why it is fun? This girl will tell you.