So many boobs!


Asian bikini girls in wiunter


Speaking English kills you!


Giant, and natural breasts, product of Japan

giant, natural-breasts

Japanese spider-man reading newspaper


Funny hairdo:rear face


Sexy girl with alluring lingerie


Look, but don’t touch my breast


Japanese cartoon in bus stop


Only seen in Japan. Does the guy have to buy two tickets instead of one?  

Funny sumo table

funny japanese Sumo table

Sumo for Japanese is same as football for Americans. So, with a Sumo wrestler table at home is really cool for Japanese family. For Japanese housewives, it can even give them many imaginations when husband cannot satisfy them on bed (a report says Japanese couple has least sex in Asia).

Funny compact Japanese car

funny Japanese compact car

Well, we all know Japanese car is usually compact. But this one is not only economical, but also looks funny. For ladies who are not good at parking (do I mean all ladies?), this car is a must-have in New York.

Durex XXL again, and again

funny Durex XXL ad

I don't know whether Durex only has XXL size. If this is true, this explains why Durex does not do well in Japan and some Asian countries.

Funny Japanese house on the tree

funny Japanese house, on the tree

House on the tree? Seen in Japan.

Japanese photo bomb: I am here

funny Japanese photo bomb, wedding

Most Japanese guys are too reserved, except this bomber.

Mouth hug

funny blow job, mouth hug by a Japanese bitch

Is it a kind of sex harassment? Anyway, Japanese bitch always likes this blow job, even for a statue.

Play the bird

funny girl play the bird of a male statue

Another Japanese bitch, playing the bird. Sorry, it is a statue, but it is still insane as she should play yours...

Sun glasses for cars

funny sun glasses for cars, seen in Japan

Yes, not only you, but also your car need sun glasses to make it cool and sexy.

Funny statue photo–count me in

funny statue photo, count Japanese in

Everywhere, you can find such guys, most of them are Asians like Japanese, Chinese. They want to be counted in the statue.

Funny Japanese bar–a cone

funny Japanese bra, a cone, Valentine

Yes, there are many innovative Japanese bra designs. This cone one should be very popular Valentine's day gift. And it is the first choice of mathematicians for their wives.

Funny Japanese bra: sun glasses

funny Japanese bra, sun glasses

Japanese's innovation on woman. Anyhow, this one is logic: when you stare at the breast through sun glasses, you get sun glasses stare back...

Funny Japanese bra: clowns

funny Japanese bra, clown

Yes, clowns should be paired. This Japanese bra is more suitable for Christmas gifts...

Funny Japanese bra–golden fish

funny Japanese bra, golden fish

Asian likes golden fish, probably it is delicious. Anyway, Japanese put the golden fish in the bra, so at least man will like it.

Funny Japanese bra–milk tap

funny japanese bra--milk tap

Innovation of Japanese men--milk tap. Tap it, get the milk...

funny Japanese bra: post it

funny Japanese bra, post bag

Japanese's innovation. I want to give up email and use snail mail if the girls in the post office wear it...

Funny Japanese Bra: the Black Hands

funny Japanese bra, black hands

Japanese's innovation is reflected on this Bra... I hope my hands can be a part-time bra, although not so black. Maybe the Japanese girls like this new model...

Funny Japanese Bra–Super Bowl

funny Japanese bra; super bowl

There is a misconception that Japanese are not innovative. Actually, they are quite innovative, especially on and adult entertainment. Here is the proof: Japanese bra--Super (or mini?) Bowl. To be honest, as a man, I prefer the girl over the bra, and what is covered...