Woman parking: only she can do it!

Woman parking: only she can do it!

Woman is the best driver, proof!

Woman parking: you cannot do it

Woman parking: you cannot do it

Do you want to challenge this lady in parking?

How to lock your motorbike in Russia

how to lock motorbike in Russia

This is in Russia! After drinking Vodka , if you can unlock it, you can drive.

Woman driver taking photo

Woman driver taking photo

Woman likes the flash. She can pose naturally although her car is not parked naturally.

Woman parking: she did it!

Woman parking: she did it!

Woman is genesis! No guys can park in this way.

How to lock your car in Russia?

How to lock your car in Russia?

In Russia, you will find people use different ways to do same thing we do. For example, they lock cars with a chain.

How woman does parallel parking?

How woman does parallel parking?

Women are genies in parking. They are good at parallel parking especially. This is the evidence.

Parking under water: only she can do it


Woman is genies in parking! She can explain, but we cannot understand.

Woman parking again


How did she get it? Only woman knows how to park.

Parking car in pond


She is also wondering how she did it!

Funny car plate: big loan


Maybe this guys pay extras for this stupid plate.

Boy getting his first traffic ticket


For speeding and illegal parking,

Funny street sign, no barking


Good hack!!

Side parking


Again, only woman can do this.

Funny compact Japanese car

Well, we all know Japanese car is usually compact. But this one is not only economical, but also looks funny. For ladies who are not good at parking (do I mean all ladies?), this car is a must-have in New York.

funny Japanese compact car

Easy to park, at least.

Another accident: low clearance

When driving, you need know what you are driving.

funny accident, low clearance

Funny woman parking

Only woman can do it.

funny woman parking

Funny great woman parking

Woman did again. Great parking.

funny woman parking

funny woman parking, reverse

Woman parking, for your entertainment today.

funny woman parking, reverse

Funny woman parking: how did she do it

Woman is good at parking. New evidence.

funny woman parking, how did she do it?

Woman parking: door to door

Woman is genies in parking. Door to door.

funny woman parking, door to door

Woman parking

Another proof woman is good at parking.

funny woman parking

Lady parking

Another proof that woman is good at parking..

funny woman parking

Funny no parking sign-stupidity is not a handicap

But many may disagree, based on the facts of occupied parking slots..

funny no parking sign, stupidity is not a handicap

funny no parking sign: crushed except Aston Martin

A good commercial for Aston Martin.

funny no parking sign, crushed except Aston Martin

Funny no parking sign, wife slapped

This may encourage some guys parking here, because they want to have wife slapped..

funny parking sign, violation will be wife slapped..

Funny no parking sign: last car parked here is still missing

Creative sign. No parking, or your car will be missing..

funny no parking sign, last car parked here is still missing

Funny no parking: volcano

Surely, no parking. But how can you park there?

funny no parking in volcano

Funny no parking sign: mother in law steals cars

Funny no parking sign? or pissed off mother-in-law?

funny no parking sign, mother in law steals cars

Wow, blonde again

Blonde parking again! Unparalleled skills.

funny blonde parking

Blonde parking

Blonde is good at parking. Here is the proof.

funny blonde parking

Funny expressway parking–only seen in USA

Expressway is not express. It can be a just for parking. Only seen in USA, and probably China.

funny expressway parking, only seen in USA and China

Funny camel parking

Camel also need a parking slot, and it seems he is happy with the arrangement.

funny camel parking with a parking slot

Funny woman parking: she did it

Woman is good at parking, as we all understand. Here is a proof: how can she do that?

funny woman parking