A dirty bikini girl


Funny wedding cake: man’s weapon


Funny wedding cake, hungry wife


Basketball cake


Pin-up girl cake


Funny blow job marriage cake


Man enjoys cake; woman enjoys woman


Funny birthday cake


Funny wedding cake, run away


Funny wedding cake, beheaded groom


This is the reality show.

Funny wedding cake: game over

funny wedding cake, game over

Man got married usually for sex. Marriage itself is not as interesting as games.

Look at it again when you want to marry

funny wedding cake, woman chain a man like a dog

A stern warning fro all man who are thinking about marriage. Order this cake, you will change your mind.

Romantic wedding cake

funny divorce cake, kissing

It is romantic, but it seems the baker is a bit racist. Actually, it is a divorce cake. Happy divorce.

Divorce cake, it is a splitting moment

funny wedding, divorce cake, splitting moment

Divorce is the end of the pain. It is such a splitting moment that you will always remember. If you agree, you should order this cake.

Come back, eat the wedding cake!

funny wedding cake, come back, you cannot run away

Man understands; he runs. Woman understands; he cannot run .... Simple!!

Funny wedding cake, take garbage out

funny wedding cake, take the garbage out

Nice idea to clear garbage before the marriage. The problem is you may throw away your groom.

Funny wedding cake, kick the groom away

funny wedding cake, kick the groom away

This bride need a bit patience. You have many chances to kick the guy away when you hook a new target.

Funny wedding cake, kissing and sexy legs

funny wedding cake, kiss and sexy legs

The gay will repent. The woman is simply too sexy, especially the legs, which are the indication that she will run away one day. Anyway, just nonsense from a guy without a chance to touch such sexy legs.

Funny wedding cake, skiing couple

funny wedding cake with skiing couple, ready for sex

Skiing is good good for your health, and your sexual life. This pair is ready now.

Funny wedding cake: no way to run away

This is the reality. Most often man only wants a woman, not a marriage. But for woman, she wants both a man and a marriage.

Divorce cake–bloody separation

funny divorce cake, bloody separation

Divorce may be celebrated. For man, it is always bloody for the separation..

Funny divorce cake: shooting

funny divorce cake, shooting each other

The divorce drama is always entertaining: shooting each other in some ways is not uncommon.

Funny divorce cake–shooting

funny divorce cake, shoot at each other

Divorce is not always bad. Sometimes, it is a kind relief, if your mistress is sucking you very hard.... Anyway, it may be worth a celebration, and a cake is a natural demand for any celebrations..