Mans’ problem in the emergency department

mans-erection problem-in-emergency

Funny guy with girls on thighs


Erection in progress, poor man


It is girls’ fault


Who to laugh? the poor guy holding two heavy ladies. Who to blame for the erection? the two ladies.  

Erection when sleeping in the beach


Actually, 90% man has this syndrome, if they have no erection problems. Most  of them never realize or acknowledge this.  So, don't laugh at this guy.  Admire him because he can sense and detect the sexy girl nearby even in sleep.

Funny erection in the beach


If it is in beach, it is normal because of so many hot chicks.

Erection in progress, keep clear

funny, erection in progress, keep clear

Guys want to be this guy with a sexy girl laying on lap. But you guys cannot understand his pain: erection in  progress, but the bench is in park, not bedroom.  Imaging you are hungry and holding the pizza, but you have to wear the mask.

Funny erection when sleeping

funny erection in camp when sleeping

Erection is not a problem, being not able to erect is a problem, a serious problem.

Funny erection moment

funny erection

When it erects, it erects, no matter where or when, as  long as there are hot chicks.

The erected cactus

funny erected cactus

A lot of men are embarrassed for erection (either lose the capability, or doing it wrongly..). Cactus is always proud of being erected ...