Half-naked girl with great boobs

Half-naked girl with great boobs

She is in the bed.  Half-naked boobs are calling! You need uncover another half. Then it is all for you.

Sexy girl on bed

busty-woman-undressing on bed

Woman skiing


Comforter with organs


Two drunken girls


Drunken girl peeing on her bed


How woman use laptop on bed?


Funny panties: love you for long time


Funny curve fitting bed

funny curve fitting bed, a good excuse for not sleeping with your wife or girl friend

A good reason not to sleep with your wife or girlfriend.

Funny bear bed

funny bear bed for girls

Surely, girls like the bear bed. When she grows older, she will want a real beast.

Curved bed

funny curved bed, not good for sex, your wife may complain

Nice design, but does your wife agree? At least it is not good for sex.

funny car bed

funny car bed

Mobile bed? You need park it firmly once you get a girlfriend.

Double bed

funny double bed

Poor marketing guy, you need put two girls there.

Burger bed

funny burger bed,

Nice burger car, especially when there is a girl laying there.

Funny sleeping kid

funny sleeping kid

Sleep is always joyful. Kids can enjoy it anywhere, any time. But man need a bed and one or more woman.

Funny Aquafresh ad for bad breath

funny Aquafresh ad, couple in bed

It seems Aquafresh cannot solve the bad breath problem, Poor ad.

How to get breakfast in bed?

how to get breakfast in bed? sleep in the kitchen

Want to get breakfast in bed? This angry wife will tel you how: sleep in the kitchen.