Girl’s badge: I had sex this morning


Funny dog carrying the bag


Good parenting: how to carry a baby with a shopping bag


Funny handbag: rain boot

funny rain boot handbag,

Handbag for rainy days? It seems it is hard to get as it is apparently customized for this lady's clothes.

Funny handbag:hen

funny handbag, hen

It is a hen? Anyway, it is just a handbag.

Funny handbag: rooster

funny handbag, rooster, cock, dick, sex

Rooster-->cock-->dick-->....... No wonder women like such a handbag.

funny handbag

funny handbag, animal for woman

Probably for a funny lady. Anyway, it is an animal that may gives women some pleasure.

Funny audio shop shopping bag: speakers

funny audio shop shopping bag,speakers

This is surely an innovative shopping bag of an hi-fi shop...

Funny shopping bag: keyboard

funny shopping bag, keyboard,  IT

I guess this shopping bag (maybe a handbag) is from a hardware store.

Funny shopping bag: dirty mouth

funny shopping bag, dirty mouth

The shopping bag can be fun, and can be creative. This one shows you the dirty mouth; but look carefully, it is just a shopping bag.