Do what I want: kissig in university


Photobomd: buttocks for ladies


Even underage girls know how to get fun

young-girls-in-disneyland-holding-penis for photo

Photo bomb: eating boobs


Funny guy with Mitt Roomney


Photobomb: man with kissing couple


Photobomb: funny lady


Photobomb: mating giraffes


A photobomb for woman


Photobomb, dog pooing


A funny warcraft fan


Not all Warcraft fans are nerds.  They can be funny when the girls come. If they are not interested in you, you should find a mirror.  

Sexy girls and naked man


It is true, sexy women are for man.  If you stop staring at the the two girls, you will find your buddy.  

Funny mother and sweet daughter


Most of the time, we see naughty daughter.  Now it is time for mothers.

Photo bomb, naked buttocks


When you see so many bitches, you also cannot hold your pants. So, don't laugh at this guy.

Funny group photo with mating dogs


Beautiful ladies, but sorry, dogs got the focus.

Big photo bomb


Typical American buttocks, huge and possibly explosive. Anyway, most of readers will not notice the buttocks because of the sexy girl and her boobs.

Funny hot dogs


Dogs are just like humans; when the moment comes, they cannot stop it. If humans can do it in the Oval Office, why dogs cannot do it anywhere?

Funny pig and kid

funny photo, pig and child

Pig is more funny than a dog if you give him a chance.

Funny eating time

funny guy eating with two girls, photobomb

Yes, you deserve the food, but you do not deserve the the girls, guy.

Funny guy and happy girls

funny guy and happy girls, photo bomb

Poor guy, you are tired. How can you serve these four happy girls? Prepare to die.

Funny family photo in the swimming pool

funny family photo in swimming pool, naked buttocks

Father is often missed in a family photo. This disgruntled father revenges.

Funny photo in train

funny photo in train, happy girls and sad man

When girls are happy in a train, somebody will be unhappy. This guy is one.  

Funny photo in China

funny photo in China

In China, there are so many places to go, and there are so many foods to try, and there are so many people to ....take photo with.

Funny guy with two girls

funny guy with two girls

Poor guy, you are too skinny, can you serve these two girls tonight?

Funny man and cute girl

funny man and cute girl

Another photo bomb.

Funny party photo

funny party photo

There are always some photo bombs in a party. Anyway, sexy girls.

Funny angry man and a couple

funny jealous man with a happy couple.

Man is also jealous.  When they see an old guy gets a young and sexy girl, they will express their jealousy.

Funny buttocks

funny naked buttocks of a woman, photo bomb

Nothing wrong with the travelers. Enjoy your stay now, ans enjoy the buttocks later.

Funny kid and smiling parents

funny kids and smiling parents

Parents are always proud of their kids. Kids know it; even their buttocks know it.

Funny photo for dog and cat

funny dog photo, cat as a photo bomb

We saw so many photo bomb of dogs. But do you know dogs can be the victim? Especially when there is a cat.

Funny photo in the beach with sexy woman and naked man

funny beach photo, sexy woman with naked man, photo bomb

Woman generally does not care about a male photo bomb, especially a naked male bomb. They will check it again and again and show to their friends again and again.

Funny photo of happy couple and her buddy

funny photo of a happy couple, and her angry buddy

To all women, not everybody likes your boy friend.

Funny wedding photo with kid peeing

funny wedding photo, kids peeing

Asian couples like to take such wedding photos. So do Asian kids.

Funny photo in the beach

funny beach photo, smiling man with two sexy girls

Beach not only belongs to sexy girls, but also ugly guys.

Funny photo, enjoying maturbating

funny photo bomb, enjoy masturbating

You girls are happy; I am enjoy masturbating. Nice photo bomb.

Photobomb: I don’t care about your kiss

funny photo kissing, bad breath,

Not everybody cares about your kiss. I told you already.

Reality sucks

funny photo bomb, seagull spoils the romantic moment

Romantic moments only happen in movies. In reality, anything can spoil it, even a seagull.

Horn? Braid?

funny photobomb, girl

Nice photo. Perfect match. I am talking about the thigh.

Photo bomb: breard man in the beach

funny photo bomb, wedding photo, beard man, in the beach

Just curious, why not sunbath?

Photo bomb: eeee bad breath

funny photo bomb, bad breath, kiss, wingman

Wingman usually is essential for entertainment in almost all weddings. This time, he cannot live with the bad breath of the bride, it seems.