Funny Obama (making fun of Bush)


No standing on shoulder


American dog


Dmitry Medvedev’s counter brand jacket


Funny sign, do not push


Funny beggar, checks not accepted from cheaters


Funny Obama

funny Obama

Not all politicians are rubbish. At least this Obama acts like normal man.

House for sale sign

funny house for sale sign, neighbor is an asshole

A genuine reason for the sale. Straightforward and honest. If our politicians can be that honest, our life surely would be far better.

Reject Christ to receive the bacon

funny girl, reject Christ to receive the bacon

A future star politician. We have been screwed by those politicians so many times, and this will continue thanks to the future generations of politicians.

Gabarge only, no trash

funny signboard found in Microsoft, the White House, and the Capitol Hill

Nice signboard. Garbage and trash everywhere. Found in Microsoft? or the White House? or the Capitol Hill?

Top ten reasons to buy me booze

funny beggar, top 10 reasons to buy me the booze

Beggars are different. This guy sounds like a politician: talking rubbish seriously.

Hiliary nutcracker

funny hiliary Clinton nutcracker

Forgot the 2008 election? This one will remind you that woman.... Yes, she has been the Secretary of State since then.

Hold the Door

hold the door

Politicians are politicians. They gained all attentions, even losers.. Enjoy this picture.