Funny dog handbag

funny dog handbag

A handbag for dog haters. You can hang the dog all the time now.

Funny high heel handbag

funny high heel handbag

When your heels breaks, you can wear this handbag.

Funny owl handbag

funny owl handbag.

Another shit handbag, featuring an owl.

Funny handbag: rain boot

funny rain boot handbag,

Handbag for rainy days? It seems it is hard to get as it is apparently customized for this lady's clothes.

Funny handbag:hen

funny handbag, hen

It is a hen? Anyway, it is just a handbag.

Funny handbag: rooster

funny handbag, rooster, cock, dick, sex

Rooster-->cock-->dick-->....... No wonder women like such a handbag.

funny handbag

funny handbag, animal for woman

Probably for a funny lady. Anyway, it is an animal that may gives women some pleasure.