Hot girl with sexy buttocks in the toilet


Drunken woman in man’s toilet

Drunken woman in man's toilet

Toilet sofa


Self-portrait girl


Funny toilet sign: one place, one dream


Please be aware of your size


Mobile toilet


Modern restroom


Sexy pose of a drunken girl


Drunken girl, after Christmas party


Drunken and sleeping girl: sleep in the bathtub


Drunken and sleep girl: sleep with dustbin in toilet


Drunken and sleeping girls: wet jeans and sharing the toilet


Drunken and sleeping girls: sleep in the toilet


Water not for drinking, a funny sign


Ladies: slippery when wet


Nice signboard.

Funny toilet


Toilet is essential. But design is not. This is proved through the following picture.

Funny toilet sign, man’s and woman’s


Funny toilet sign, little red hood


Suitable for kindergarten, or Michael Jackson's house (if he still lives).  

Funny toilet sign: peeing


Creative sign. But it is not accurate. The path of the urine varies with the urgency, and age. You cannot expect an 80-old man produce such a strong curve.

Funny kid sleep in the toilet

funny-kid-sleep in toilet

Kids can sleep anywhere. So, they have no sleep problems. If you have sleep problems, sleep in toilet, not on bed.

Authentic close stool

funny authentic close stool as in the sixteenth century

Yes, it is authentic, as in the sixteenth century.

Funny urinal, hungry mouth waiting for your dick

funny urinal, red and hungry mouth waiting for your dick

Guys will like it, and pee there even he has nothing to pee. Enjoy the virtual blow job.

Funny toilet mural, too stinky

funny toilet mural, bad smell, too stinky

Poor guy, live with it. Better to seal your nose.

Funny water closet

funny water closet, mouth licking your buttocks

Water closet can be amusing, not just stinky. You probably will feel better if you can image it is your boss who is licking your buttocks there.

Funny urinal-suck it

funny urinal, mouth, suck it, female

It is funny, but not attractive for man. A female's mouth is needed; otherwise, use it in the lady's room.

No free reading in restroom

funny sign, magazines must be purchased before bringing into toilet

Universal problem. Anyway, these are the magazines for toilet reading.

Restroom Sign

funny restroom sign,

Seen many times. Just for shitting.

Gas mask for porta potty

funny picture, gas mask for porta potty

You know, it is true, when you tried porta potty before.

How to get man washing his hands after peeing

funny washing room, how to get a man washing his hands

Creative design. Man will surely enjoy the washing their hands, and even may get excited. My only complain is the color can be brighter.

How to cut the queue

funny man cutting the queue for toilet, pee in rear

You need be creative, even to cut the queue for toilet.

I don’t know where is your gift

funny toilet utility, I don

Incredible gift>>

funny sleeping kid

funny sleeping girl

She is too tired, surely.

Misconception of your big john

funny toilet sign, your big John is not as long as you imaged

Nice notice. Man always has the misconception on the size and hardness of his big John.

Funny toilet mural

funny toilet mural, woman is curious

Even toilet mural can be amusing, especially man and woman are involved.

Computer chair for a geek

funny geek

Geek is unusual: this includes his chair.