It is Bush, for sure


Funny moment, US solider fucking a camel in Iraq


Funny sign, ride the slut


Yes, riding that SLUT,  was free. Now it is also dirty cheap. But sorry, this SLUT is not that slut. It is South Lake Union Trolley (streetcar in Seattle.

Big photo bomb


Typical American buttocks, huge and possibly explosive. Anyway, most of readers will not notice the buttocks because of the sexy girl and her boobs.

begging money for the assassination of George W. Bush

funny beggaring, bagging money for the assassination of George W.  Bush

At least, you will get support form 51% Americana and 80% of world population.

Aliens seeking help

funny sign, aliens seeking help to go back to Mars

Poor guys, you cannot go back to Mars. Live with human beings here. I know this is a tough task in US, as they are worse than animals. Anyway, stop complaining, if some Asians notice you, they will braise you (FYI, they eat every living things.)

Funny sex education: she may look clean, but may spread VD

funny sex education, she may look clean, but may spread venereal disease (VD)

Must be designed by an ugly lady.. Anyway, it is just an U.S. propaganda poster targeted at World War II soldiers and sailors and appealed to their patriotism in urging them to protect themselves.

American freedom is made in China

made-in-china freedom

Here is the proof: the American freedom is made in China.

Not everything in Florida is flat

funny girl, not everything is flat in Florida

The bitch is an example: not everything is flat in Florida.

Funny sign for state Vermont

funny signboard for the state of Vermont

Maple syrup may be great in Vermont. But the state definitely need a better design for the signboard..

Funny expressway parking–only seen in USA

funny expressway parking, only seen in USA and China

Expressway is not express. It can be a just for parking. Only seen in USA, and probably China.

US soccer fan

funny us soccer fan, this is USA

Not only football, soccer fan do exist in US.