Funny sign: iPad on sale now


House for sale sign

funny house for sale sign, neighbor is an asshole

A genuine reason for the sale. Straightforward and honest. If our politicians can be that honest, our life surely would be far better.

funny sign: used cow for sale

funny yard sign, used cow for sale

How was it (she) being used?

Grand walk in kitchen

funny sale sign, grand walk in kitchen, save -410

Another shit sale sign. Save -$10, for the kitchen.

Incredible sale: 3 for $2

funny sale sign, 3 for $2, each for 59 cents, crackers

Yes, it is incredible. Do these guys know math, or do buyers know math? Crackers or crappy?

Clearance sale

funny sale sign, you save -$9, clearance sale

You've been hooked? Not strange. Businessman is businessman always.

Funny sale sign, as advertised

funny sale sign, as advertised

Probably it is just as advertised. But who cares?

Reasors’ sale sign

funny Reasor

Well done Reasor's. Anyway, it seems your calculation is not accurate: the total saving should be $-0.02. Just my 2 cents.