The reading couple: right moment and right magazines


How Yoga girl reading?


Boys like Playboy

funny boy is reading a playboy magazine

It is nothing wrong that boys like to play. So, it is natural if you find them like reading the Playboy. Only excellent education from fathers will deliver this.

No free reading in restroom

funny sign, magazines must be purchased before bringing into toilet

Universal problem. Anyway, these are the magazines for toilet reading.

Funny magazine advertisement: man’s dream

funny and sexy magazine advertisement, man

Surely, it is man's dream. In the reality, please read the magazine and stare at the girls in the magazine..

Wow, what is she reading?

funny reading lady

Transparent magazine, or just another ps. Anyhow, the girl is not so bad to pick up.

Funny censored magazine

funny censored magazine

Censorship is still almost everywhere. Sometimes, censoring can give you some amusements...

How to become the best football player

how to become the best football player, relax by reading adult magazine

To become the best football player, you at least know how to relax, just like this guy..

Really want it

funny commercial ad. Yes, man can also be very curious when it comes to.......