Funny begging dog and cat


Homeless, so I need a rich woman for my dick


Funny beggar, checks not accepted from cheaters


Funny beggar, need cash for alcohol research


Funny beggar, my ass, I just want to get high


Funny beggar: can I feel your tits?


funny beggar: not only Obama, I also want your change


Funny beggar, I will throw cat through your windows, unless you give me money


Funny beggar, too ugly to prostitute


Ironman also need money

funny iron man beggar, need money

Iron beggar? Anyway, everyman needs money.

Ninja’s killed my family, need monry for Kongfu lessons

funny beggaring, Ninja

Are the Kongfu lessons just coning you? Better to use the money on beer and woman so that you will bury your hatred.

funny beggar, I am not bullshiting you

funny beggar, need money for beer and hooker, I am not bullshiting you at least

Good beggar, your begging is justified; all man should support him. We also need money for beer and hooker.

Honest beggar: need money to get molested

funny beggar, need money to drunken so that  woman can molest him

An honest beggar. All politicians should learn from him.

Top ten reasons to buy me booze

funny beggar, top 10 reasons to buy me the booze

Beggars are different. This guy sounds like a politician: talking rubbish seriously.

Code HTML for food

funny beggar, code html for food, php, asp, java

Professional laid off from the silicon valley or maybe just a nerd. Anyhow, coding PHP or ASP, or even Java would sound better.

No bullshiting begger

funny begger, no bullshit, need drugs, woman, and beer

I agree he is not bullshiting. He needs beer, woman, drugs.