McDonald’s Cosplay

McDonald's Cosplay

the most accurate sign in McDonald’s

funny McDonald

Yes, it is accurate. i guess this is part of the McDonald's culture, for example, even for their junk food, they tells you the calories.

Real milk shake from McDonald’s

funny milk shake from McDonald

Not only junk food, but also amusement, can be found in McDonald's. Anyway, the cow is brave enough, isn't it?

McDonald’s in Iraq

funny McdDonald

Business is business. For businessman, money is money. Maybe, McDonald's can sue this guy to get a share of revenue, just like Microsoft, or Apple did to protect their brands or IP.

Funny blow job in McDonald’s

funny blow job in McDonald

Yes, Mr. McDonald is enjoying another blob job. Thirsty girl!!

Funny pose in McDonald’s, I enjoy the blow job

funny blow job in McDonald

Poor girl, are you so thirsty?

Failed McDonald advertisement

failed McDonald

Actually, one of the two ads will fail, maybe both of them. For McDonald$, they can put more ads somewhere else, but for the lady, she probably cannot find more budgets.