Wrongly placed advertisement: Burger King


Wild rose or wild boobs?


Worst advertisement placement: Turkish Airlines


Worst advertising placement: Godaddy’s where is daddy


Ride me all night!


Tony’s tree trimming service, including bush


Funny ad: hair removal


ad mate: gun show and gasket


You need lubricant! Funny Durex Play ad


Free blow job if you buy coke there


Wow, guys, free blow job! Just buy coke there. Anyway just an illusion of a  misplaced ad.

Funny, stupid, and banned commercials

Durex XXL again, and again

funny Durex XXL ad

I don't know whether Durex only has XXL size. If this is true, this explains why Durex does not do well in Japan and some Asian countries.

Euro 2004

funny condom ad, euro 2004 Greek team

Since this ad was published, all Greeks bought so many Durex condoms and therefore now the country is in debt crisis.

Bullet protector

funny condom ad, penis is bullet, put condom on it

it likes bullet because it will try to penetrate. So, when you enjoy the penetration, ask your partner to put come cover on his bullet.

Funny condom ads: Durex XXL again

funny condom ads, Durex xxx, extra long penis

Durex again! Condom again!. But this time, it is XXL.

Happy farther’s day for those not using condom

funny condom ads, happy father

Side effects of this ad: guys suffer from premature ejaculation will look for non-Durex products.

Funny condom ad: ultra-thin condom

funny ultra-thin condom ad

How thin it can be? Nice advertisement.

Funny dotted comdom ad, love is blind

funny condom ad, dotted condom by Durex, love is blind

Love is blind. Making love is not blind.

Funny condom ad: no exit

funny Durex condom ad, no exit

How to find the exit? A question for sperms. Durex just made it complicated.

Funny comdom ads: swimming

funny condom ad for Elasun condom, swimming

Swimming improves your health, and your sex drive. Nice ad for Elasun condom.

Blow job may kill you, use condom

funny blow job, you put a gun in your mouth, so use condom to protect yourself

it is like a gun that you put into your mouth. Protect yourself with condom.

Funny bus ad for zoo

funny bus ad for a zoo, snake

Nice bus ad.

Blow job, too big

funny Durex XXL condom ad, blow job

Another Durex XXL condom ad. The consequence of blow job if it is too big. Be aware, girls.

Tulipan condom ad: happy aunts

funny Tulipan condom ads, happy aunts

Where comes the girl (or boy) if this Tulipan condom works? Better choose Durex, because all Durex ads only has the sexy and happy woman. No Kidding.

Funny condom ads: take longer

funny condom ads, play crossword,  long pleasure

Play crossword? It seems the sex is boring for the guy. Poor condom.


Shower gel for dirty woman

funny ad, shower gel for dirty woman, wash me

No matter how dirty she is, she can find a man to clean. Shower gel, WTF?

Skyy vodka

funny Skyy Vodka ad, how to get a woman

You need Vodka to get woman's attention. It is probably true in Russia.

Funny Rowenta ad

funny Rowenta ad, kill the bird

Now I understand why Rowenta is so expensive in the department store.. Hope it works as advertised.

Kayaking peanuts

funny kayaking peanuts ad, joyful elephants

Never tried this jumbo peanuts. Probably it is made for elephants.

Man’s essence

funny ad, man

True man. The philosopher will tell you this is the difference between mind and body.

Funny E Phone 900 ad

funny ephone 900 ad, how to dodge a snake bite

I never know this phone. But in Google this ad is circulating..

Funny subway’s sexy sign

funny sex sign for Subway

Poor marketing team in Subway. Poor way to attract attention. Enjoy your sex and the Sandwich.

Funny Sensodyne ad, cold or hot

funny Sensodyne ad, toothpaste, cold or hot

Funny and nice ad for the toothpaste, although the Sensodyne products are not as popular as Colgate.

Funny toothpaste ad for bad breath, Aquafresh

funny toothpaste advertisement, Aquafresh

no matter in golf court, or in the beach, bad breath can be embarrassing. So buy a cap, if Aquafresh cannot solve the problem.

Banned Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful

Funny and sexy commercials: firming cream

Durex Play O Gel

funny Durex ad for Play O Gel, sexy

Next time, you should ask your partner to try the Durex Play O Gel. It is impressing, isn't it?

Wow, black coffee can do it

sexy black coffee ad, smells good

Black coffee? I should give up alcohol. Great taste and smell?

Sexiest ad for Ford

sexiest ad for ford car

Yes, man will not care about what the product is. The legs speak enough. Enjoy, guys. Anyway, Ford is not so bad.