Durable condom, from Durex

funny Durex condom ad for durable condoms

The ad achieved its purpose. It seems it is durable enough, and even teach you a position for your to enjoy this durable one.

Bit copa, funny and sexy

funny and sexy ad for bit copa

You now finally understand why your Brazilian friends (mainly male) like drink this.

Grand walk in kitchen

funny sale sign, grand walk in kitchen, save -410

Another shit sale sign. Save -$10, for the kitchen.

Not a breast, for sure

funny and sexy ad, not a breast, just the kneels

Another funny and sexy ad. Man will like this ad, although the products is for woman.

Sexy ad: protect yourself from AIDS

sexy ad, protect yourself from AIDS

Nice ad for AIDS awareness campaign. Hope you guys learn something when enjoy the sexy girl.

Incredible sale: 3 for $2

funny sale sign, 3 for $2, each for 59 cents, crackers

Yes, it is incredible. Do these guys know math, or do buyers know math? Crackers or crappy?

Sexy condom ad

funny and sexy ad, balloon

Condom ads should be sexy. This is how man can remember the brand, and the girl.

Clearance sale

funny sale sign, you save -$9, clearance sale

You've been hooked? Not strange. Businessman is businessman always.

Neat and tight ass

funny ans sexy ads, tight and neat ass

Creative advertisement. Woman will instantly buy it.

Funny sale sign, as advertised

funny sale sign, as advertised

Probably it is just as advertised. But who cares?

Chantelle lingerie ad

funny and sexy Chantelle lingerie ad, hit man

Sexy ad, and hit the topic and man's interest instantly.

Hot spots

funny bra ad, hot spots through x-ray

Another creative bra advertisement. Man knows where the hot spots are. So, when buy the bra, man will buy the thong for sure.

Funny shoe ad: Converse

funny shoe ad, converse

The ad is creative, although most guys will only see how sweet the girl is. Now you know where you can fit your feet, when you have the girl.

Funny and sexy ad: kids shouldn’t watch too much TV

funny and sexy advertisement, lego, kids shouldn

As said, such TV is for parents. Good commercial, LEGO.

Funny ads of a website, AIDS for swallowing sperms?

funny and sex ads, swallowing sperms and AIDS

Good advertisement. More importantly, good girl. But whose sperm?

Funny magazine advertisement: man’s dream

funny and sexy magazine advertisement, man

Surely, it is man's dream. In the reality, please read the magazine and stare at the girls in the magazine..

funny and sexy advertisement: men’s underwear

funny and sexy advertisement, men

I know you guys will buy this next time. But do not expect the bitch to smell yours..

Pope condom

funny pop condom, I said no

Yes, Pope did say no...

Old but not expired

funny condom advertisement, old but not expired

A new flavor of condoms: old but not expired.

Plus size condom

funny plus size condom, not for everyone

Do you really need the plus size condom? think again after reading this photo.

Valentine day condom

be mine, the funny valentine day gift condom

A sure-win Valentine day gift: a condom like this.

Jesus is watching you-adult video

funny sign, Jesus is watching adult video

Funny sign. Jesus is watching the adult video.

Wrongly placed ice cream advertisement

wrongly placed Nestle ice cream ad

Wrongly placed ice cream advertisement, or wrongly placed dustbin. At least, you probably will not try the Nestle ice cream..

Failed tobacco advertisement

failed tobacco advertisement

Anyway, for tobacco companies, they have enough profit to put more advertisements..

Failed McDonald advertisement

failed McDonald

Actually, one of the two ads will fail, maybe both of them. For McDonald$, they can put more ads somewhere else, but for the lady, she probably cannot find more budgets.

Yahoo, 404?

funny yahoo 404  advertisement

Now you should know why Yahoo fails in almost all competitions, against, Google, against Microsoft... They just waste money for advertisement..

Funny and wrongly placed coffee advertisement

wrongly placed coffee advertisement

The ad for coffee has nothing wrong. But it appears in a wrong location, probably at the wrong time.

Not so delicate

funny advertisement, not delicate, wrong place

Advertisement should be place in the correct location; otherwise, it is just amusing..

Funny condom (Durex) advertisement: mating condoms

funny Durex condom ads: mating condoms

This commercial is straightforward. Well done, Durex..

Funny condom ad: protect yourself from fire

funny condom advertisement, fire brigade, protect yourself

Don't be stupid, you need protect your self... using a condom.. A highly relevant condom advertisement: quench the fire...

Funny promotion signs, no gas

funny gas promotion sign, no gas this month

Not only woman looks for special promotions, but also man. This fuel promotion is special: you will not spend a penny at all.

Magic: the power of Viagra

funny picture, the power of viagra, a magic

Viagra can be magic, for those who need it..This magic can even be performed, with a sexy girl...

Funny condom–XXL

funny condom advertisement, XXL size

Size matters. So, Durex provides XXL as well. Here is the funny advertisement for it:

Long pleasure condom

funny condom ads: long pleasure condom

Funny condom advertisement. It can makes the pleasure longer, and the girl is the proof...But where did they do that?

Really want it

funny commercial ad. Yes, man can also be very curious when it comes to.......

A condom saves two lives

funny condom ads, a condom saves two lives

Funny condom advertisement. A condom may save both lives.

Condom: Fits ANY Head

funny condom ad; fits any head

Funny condom advertisement. It can fit ANY head....

Chocolate Condoms

Chocolate condom

Funny condom advertisement: chocolate condoms!. Condom is not only useful, but also tasteful!