Funny cat suicide


Don't give your cat a gun! You will be prosecuted if it kills itself with your gun. Anyway, gun is not a good toy for a cat.

Human meat

funny human meat

Is it delicious? If a man has the choice, he will chose sex, other than her meat, no matter he is a vegetarian or not.

Bird’s lesson: how to poop on people

funny bird book, how to poop on people

Not only human beings are leaning, but also the animals. We learn how to kill animals, so, animals learn how to shit on us.

Funny slogan, kill all humans

funny slogan, kill all humans

It is free to speak and express yourself, so does robots or cartoons.

Aliens seeking help

funny sign, aliens seeking help to go back to Mars

Poor guys, you cannot go back to Mars. Live with human beings here. I know this is a tough task in US, as they are worse than animals. Anyway, stop complaining, if some Asians notice you, they will braise you (FYI, they eat every living things.)