How to show boobs in picnic to your boyfriend?


Girl in dustbin


shit slogan: my boyfriend’s wife hate my boobs


Girl sleeping with dog


Birthday surprise


Check boyfriend’s loading status


Asian cheater, cheat with boyfriend’s friend


Cheaters, how to hook your friend’s boyfriend


Why is dog better than boy friend?


Most of the time, boy friend is just a low quality vibrator. So, if you already have a vibrator, get a dog.

Funny photo of happy couple and her buddy

funny photo of a happy couple, and her angry buddy

To all women, not everybody likes your boy friend.

Wearable Nintendo

funny wearable Nintendo, foreplay for your boyfriend or husband

No wonder man is crazy for Nintendo. Best gift for your boyfriend, or husband if he does not know foreplay.

Funny panties–your boyfriend wants me

funny panties, your boyfriend wants me

Another shit slogan in the shit panties, for man..

Dog is always better than boyfriend

funny picture, dog is better than boyfriend, except for sex

Dog is a good friend, somtime, and maybe better than a boyfriend (you can replace it with girlfriend, if you want). Of course, except for sex.