Squeezed house


Funny tree top house


Funny stairs


Alien house

funny-house for aliens

Watch out: baby and dog


Colorful village


Five naughty daughters


Funny designer’s sofa


Naughty Christmas decoration


Use it for this year's Christmas.

Funny distored building

funny distorted building

Another drunken architect.

Funny house design, illusion


It is just a illusion. Shit design.

Funny top down house


Another good design.

Funny house on the railway bridge

funny house on a railway bridge

Easy to catch the train. Seen in China (maybe wrong).

Funny land for leisure

funny decoration for leisure

Nice deco.

Funny house, over the water

funny house over the water, fishing is not an issue

Nice view. Fishing should not be an issue. Seen in China.

Funny Japanese house on the tree

funny Japanese house, on the tree

House on the tree? Seen in Japan.

Funny floating house

funny house without foundation, between hills, access, Marine corps

House without foundation? Looks nice, but how to access for people except Marine? Had Osma bin Laden rented this house (probably in Pakistan), he should have been alive now.

House for sale sign

funny house for sale sign, neighbor is an asshole

A genuine reason for the sale. Straightforward and honest. If our politicians can be that honest, our life surely would be far better.