sexy wear, sexy clothing

Surprise your girl friend


Christmas gift and shy bear


Before and after girl


Birthday surprise


Dangerous travel photo

dangerous travel-photo

Lesbian girls kissing, when drunken


Her month is busy with my…


Funny dog posing as its owner


Funny pig ballons


Durex is better than diamond


Good, bad and perfect relationship

relationship-bad-good-perfect, illustrated

Every man's dream!

Why is dog better than girl friend?


If you need a girl friend to show to your parents or friends, get a dog (male or female does not matter, as long as it has long hair)

Funny curve fitting bed

funny curve fitting bed, a good excuse for not sleeping with your wife or girl friend

A good reason not to sleep with your wife or girlfriend.

Funny bath for your horse-friend

funny bath with your horse friend

No matter it is your girl friend or a horse, you will like the legs.

Dog is always better than boyfriend

funny picture, dog is better than boyfriend, except for sex

Dog is a good friend, somtime, and maybe better than a boyfriend (you can replace it with girlfriend, if you want). Of course, except for sex.