High heel race


Man’s club


How Yoga girl reading?


Funny high heel for feminists

funny high heel, naked man as the heel

For feminists, by feminists. The morale is: under every sexy woman, there is a man supporting the heel.

Funny high heel chair

funny high heel chair for office ladies to dream their curves

Woman likes high heel to show the figure, and the curve. But this is only when you are standing or walking. For those who have to sit everyday in the office, they now can dream their curves when sitting on this chair.

Funny high heel handbag

funny high heel handbag

When your heels breaks, you can wear this handbag.

Funny high heel, heel-less

funny high heel without heels

High heel without heels. Innovative design. Male readers, I know you are staring at the leg, because you never actually are interested in the shoes. Your interest lies in the body attached to the shoes.

funny car: high red heel shoes car

funny car, high heel shoes car

Funny car, and nice high heel shoes. For sexy girls only.