Good parenting: how to carry a baby with a shopping bag


Funny handgun shopping bag

funny handgun shopping bag

Probably it is a shopping bag of a handgun shop. Not sure about the location of this shop, probably in the Pakistan village where Osama was killed by US guys.

Funny shopping bag: groose

funny shopping bag, groose

Grab the Groose around is cool. (anyway, it is not groose)

Car shop shopping bag

funny car shop shopping bag, wheel

Great design, for a car shop.

Nail Biter

funny shopping bag, nail biter therapy

There are some therapies for nail biters, at least according to this funny shopping bag.

Moving head

funny shopping bag, man

Terrified by the moving head? Calm down, it is just a shopping bag.

X-ray bag

funny shopping bag, x-ray

Don't be panic. It is just a shopping bag.

Funny shopping bag: flat screen TV

funny shopping bag, flat screen tv

It is an excellent advertisement for "flat" screen TV.

Bloody bag

funny shopping bag, blood bag

It is too bloody you may feel.

Funny shopping bag: get a child around

funny shopping bag, get a child around with you, hold my hand

For those who do not want to "own" a child, this shopping bag is a solution. You can bring a child around with you all the time as long as you hold the bag.

Funny shopping bag: camera bag

funny shopping bag, camera

Another funny shopping bag, surely from a photographic shop.

Funny shopping bag: man’s breast

funny shopping bag, man

Yes, not only woman female's, but also male's breast can be a topic,. at least for shopping bags..

Funny shopping bag with invisible strings

funny shopping bag with invisible strings

Image a floating shopping bag?

Sexy shopping bag: fit your curve

funny and sexy shopping bag, fit the lady

Shopping bag can be sexy, just like a part of your body, especially when replacing you with her..

Funny shopping bag:fit your fingers

funny shopping bag, fit your fingers

A creative shopping bag design--fitting you fingers.

Another fitness lady using the same shopping bag

funny shopping bag for the lady to keep in shape

Another shopping bag, oh, an old shopping bag, for the fitness lady.

Fitness lady

funny fitness lady, and shopping bag

The shopping bag is suitable for her, at least she is in shape.

Funny shopping bag: braids

funny shopping bag, braids

Another funny shopping bag: braids.

Funny shopping bag-shake hands

funny shopping bag, hold my hand

Shopping bag--hold my hand..

Funny shopping bag: sexy female thigh

funny shopping bag, sexy female thigh

The shopping bag can be sexy, and your wife may hate it. Yes, I am talking about this sexy thigh, preferred by man, designed by man, used by woman..

Funny shopping bag: watermelon bag

funny shopping bag, watermelon bag

This watermelon bag was very likely designed by a female vegetarian. Do you know why?

Funny shopping bag: old fashioned TV

funny shopping bag with old fashioned TV

Old fashioned TV can be relevant. This shopping bag probably is better than iPhone bag.. Anyway, it matches the girl, no doubt.

Funny shopping bag–early learning center

funny shopping bag for a early learning center

Another creatively designed shopping bag, for a early learning center..

Funny shopping bag: cassette bag

funny shopping bag: a cassette bag

Another shit shopping bag. Maybe, if you do not know what a cassette is, then you are too young to read my posts..