Kissing boy and girl


Funny daddy riding on baby’s bicycle


Even underage girls know how to get fun

young-girls-in-disneyland-holding-penis for photo

Finding food

funny boy find food in the refrigerator

Kids are kids; they make you laugh.

Funny kids, kissing as lovers

funny kids lover kissing in classroom

Surely, they are kids. Do they have the rights of having lovers (in classroom)? Relief: they are probably too young to know how to make love.

Funny kids: bad boy

funny kids, bad boy look the buttocks of a girl

Boys like man: they are always curious about woman.

Funny kids enjoying the strip dance

funny kids enjoying beer and strip dance

Good parents. Good education. Beer, money and woman, kids should learn to enjoy.

Funny double deck car

funny double deck Porsche

We can see so many double deck buses in London. But how about double deck Porsche? The guy probably got so many kids and ran out of cash.

funny car family

funny car family for a big family

Good collection for a big family.

Baby sitting, drink together

funny baby sitting, drink together

Good job. Set the example on how to drink.

Serious warning, kids unattended will be sold to circus

funny sign, unattended kids will be sold to circus

Nice warning sign. But for parents who want to send their kids to circus, this is an advertisement. So, putting a sponsoring circus in the sign will make it perfect.

Funny sleeping kid

funny sleeping kid

Sleep is always joyful. Kids can enjoy it anywhere, any time. But man need a bed and one or more woman.

Reject Christ to receive the bacon

funny girl, reject Christ to receive the bacon

A future star politician. We have been screwed by those politicians so many times, and this will continue thanks to the future generations of politicians.

Young German football fan

funny young German football fan

Real German. Now you know where comes the money for FIFA.

Funny Kids Video

Sex education: Condoman says, protect yourself

funny sex education, protect yourself, use condom, said condoman

Funny and cool sex education poster. Use condom, to protect yourself.

Photo bomb: a disgusting marriage

photo bomb, a disgusting marriage, vomiting boy

Surely, the boy is sick of the wedding. The bride is boring? or the food is not good.

Funny and sexy ad: kids shouldn’t watch too much TV

funny and sexy advertisement, lego, kids shouldn

As said, such TV is for parents. Good commercial, LEGO.

Photo bomb: dog mating

funny photo bomb, dog mating

Photo bomb of dog mating.