Microsoft laptop: an Apple hater


Microsoft pants


Blue screen girl


Sexy internet explorer girl


Gabarge only, no trash

funny signboard found in Microsoft, the White House, and the Capitol Hill

Nice signboard. Garbage and trash everywhere. Found in Microsoft? or the White House? or the Capitol Hill?

McDonald’s in Iraq

funny McdDonald

Business is business. For businessman, money is money. Maybe, McDonald's can sue this guy to get a share of revenue, just like Microsoft, or Apple did to protect their brands or IP.

Have you seen this flier

haev you seen this flier?

Still better than "are you sure?" from Microsoft.

Yahoo, 404?

funny yahoo 404  advertisement

Now you should know why Yahoo fails in almost all competitions, against, Google, against Microsoft... They just waste money for advertisement..

Microsoft girl

funny microsoft girl, blue screen

Nobody likes the blue screen in old days? It is not always correct. If you stare at this Microsoft girl, you will love the blue screen...