How to take photo for girls with bra?


Rocky boobs


What is a good shape as a girl?


Why you should not wear bra?


Selfie of a busty girl


Giant boobs


Busty girl undressing


Bitch with perfect boobs


Sexy camera girl


Sexy female Santa on phone


Facebook Bra


How apple girls use laptop


Hilarious girl taking off bra as hat


Your bra is too smelly


Topless is not allowed


Juicy breast


The girl is so hot that…


Funny bra sandals

funny bra sandals, for sexy girls

Sexy girls need a pair of sexy sandals. Sexy sandals should wear a bra. That's what the designer wants to say.

Hot spots

funny bra ad, hot spots through x-ray

Another creative bra advertisement. Man knows where the hot spots are. So, when buy the bra, man will buy the thong for sure.

Funny Japanese bar–a cone

funny Japanese bra, a cone, Valentine

Yes, there are many innovative Japanese bra designs. This cone one should be very popular Valentine's day gift. And it is the first choice of mathematicians for their wives.

Funny Japanese bra: sun glasses

funny Japanese bra, sun glasses

Japanese's innovation on woman. Anyhow, this one is logic: when you stare at the breast through sun glasses, you get sun glasses stare back...

Funny Japanese bra: clowns

funny Japanese bra, clown

Yes, clowns should be paired. This Japanese bra is more suitable for Christmas gifts...

Funny Japanese bra–golden fish

funny Japanese bra, golden fish

Asian likes golden fish, probably it is delicious. Anyway, Japanese put the golden fish in the bra, so at least man will like it.


funny picture, man will always stop here

How to make sure you can get the help when you are straddled on the road. Here is the successful trick: flagging your bra. No bra? Sorry this is for ladies only..

Funny Japanese bra–milk tap

funny japanese bra--milk tap

Innovation of Japanese men--milk tap. Tap it, get the milk...

funny Japanese bra: post it

funny Japanese bra, post bag

Japanese's innovation. I want to give up email and use snail mail if the girls in the post office wear it...

Funny Japanese Bra: the Black Hands

funny Japanese bra, black hands

Japanese's innovation is reflected on this Bra... I hope my hands can be a part-time bra, although not so black. Maybe the Japanese girls like this new model...

Funny Japanese Bra–Super Bowl

funny Japanese bra; super bowl

There is a misconception that Japanese are not innovative. Actually, they are quite innovative, especially on and adult entertainment. Here is the proof: Japanese bra--Super (or mini?) Bowl. To be honest, as a man, I prefer the girl over the bra, and what is covered...