Funny condom (Durex) advertisement: mating condoms

funny Durex condom ads: mating condoms

This commercial is straightforward. Well done, Durex..

Funny condom ad: protect yourself from fire

funny condom advertisement, fire brigade, protect yourself

Don't be stupid, you need protect your self... using a condom.. A highly relevant condom advertisement: quench the fire...

Funny condom–XXL

funny condom advertisement, XXL size

Size matters. So, Durex provides XXL as well. Here is the funny advertisement for it:

Long pleasure condom

funny condom ads: long pleasure condom

Funny condom advertisement. It can makes the pleasure longer, and the girl is the proof...But where did they do that?

A condom saves two lives

funny condom ads, a condom saves two lives

Funny condom advertisement. A condom may save both lives.

Condom: Fits ANY Head

funny condom ad; fits any head

Funny condom advertisement. It can fit ANY head....

Chocolate Condoms

Chocolate condom

Funny condom advertisement: chocolate condoms!. Condom is not only useful, but also tasteful!