funny and sexy advertisement: men’s underwear

funny and sexy advertisement, men

I know you guys will buy this next time. But do not expect the bitch to smell yours..

Funny monkey touching the breast

funny money, touching the bitch

Even monkey knows where to find fun with woman (who is obviously enjoying it). Another evidence of evolution.

Touch my breast, I enjoy it

funny statue, touch my breast, and I am enjoying it

Funny bitch and statue. Touch my breast, and I am enjoying it.

Funny blow job in McDonald’s

funny blow job in McDonald

Yes, Mr. McDonald is enjoying another blob job. Thirsty girl!!

You bad guy

funny pose, you bad guy! I enjoy it.

You bad guy ----I like you.

Shit pose: I enjoy it

funny pose, fucked by animal

Some bitches really enjoy such a pose: being fucked from back.

Funny pose–fucking me

funny bitch pose, fucking me

Nowadays, bitch is everywhere. If they cannot find a man, they will just do away with a statue..

I will not love you long

funny slogan, I will not love you long

At least, the girl (or the bitch?) is honest. Nothing wrong with bitch, if she is honest enough to tell you that truth..

What is a bitch?

funny picture, what is a bitch

Different people may have different interpretation of a BITCH. Here is one, from the perspectives of a real bitch.. A beautiful Individual That Causes Hardons.