Free blow job


New square bikini


Funny dogs taking care of baby


How about my ass?


Kiss my boobs, bitch asks


Drunken and sleeping girl: body marked


Funny beggar: can I feel your tits?


Are you looking at my ass?


Milk me, said the bitch!


25 cents for a hug


Shooting the cheater


Football and sex


Shooting the cheater


Cheater caught, under gun


Cheaters: one bitch and two men


Look, but don’t touch my breast


I kissed him, shouted the bitch


Enjoy the breast!


Women are not for decoration


Hitching a ride, wherever you want!


Funny photo, woman with peeing dog


Juice lady.

Photo bomb, naked buttocks


When you see so many bitches, you also cannot hold your pants. So, don't laugh at this guy.

Why is dog better than girl friend?


If you need a girl friend to show to your parents or friends, get a dog (male or female does not matter, as long as it has long hair)

funny car: high red heel shoes car

funny car, high heel shoes car

Funny car, and nice high heel shoes. For sexy girls only.

Sex sign

funny sex sign, sex in 3 kms

All men and bitches will be excited once seeing this sign. Nerds will shutdown the computer and wait..

Funny girl: tear off for my number

funny tear off, my number, prostitute,

Nice innovation for hookers. Had someone picked one for Mr. Strauss-Kahn, he should still have been the IMF chief now.

Porn star

funny slogan, real porn star, every woman can be a porn star

Porn stars are always reluctant to admit their occupation. This lady is an exception. This photo also illustrates any woman can be a porn star in the bed room.

Funny slogan, fart loading

funny slogan, fart now loading

Shit slogan, shit bitch.

Funny molestation

funny molestation , blow job, with a statue, wrong stick

Molestation can be initiated by a woman or a bitch. Poor bitch, you got the wrong stick.

Funny pose, group sex and blow job

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She did it again! Group sex and blow job, and three satisfied guys and one bitch.

Enjoy the molestation, funny pose

funny pose, enjoy the molestation, woman and statue

Molestation can be invited, and may be enjoyable, if it is an affair between a woman and a statue.

Sex with the bishop

funny pose, having sex with the bishop

Bitch does not care who is, as long as she can get sex. She also wants to give you a blow job. Anyway, just a funny pose.

Funny blow job

funny blow job, a girl giving a blow job for the statue

Bitches are universal.

I caught the big bird, funny pose

funny pose, two women play the bird of a statue

Bitches always hunt for birds. So, it is not strange even a statue cannot escape from the eyes of bitches.

Group sex, funny pose

funny pose, group sex by two girls and a statue

Now, more and more girls dream a group sex. Here is the proof.

Mouth hug

funny blow job, mouth hug by a Japanese bitch

Is it a kind of sex harassment? Anyway, Japanese bitch always likes this blow job, even for a statue.

Play the bird

funny girl play the bird of a male statue

Another Japanese bitch, playing the bird. Sorry, it is a statue, but it is still insane as she should play yours...

Spank the girl for $2

funny panties, spank me for $2

Shit panties again. Spank me for $2. Maybe 2 cents if you are strong enough..

Funny panties: who need credit card when you have the pussy

True. But the panties just give you the dream, dude.

Funny panties, your lucky day

funny panties, your luck day

Shit panties. If you can read this, this bitch belongs to you.