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Archives for February 2011

Funny sign for state Vermont

funny signboard for the state of Vermont

Maple syrup may be great in Vermont. But the state definitely need a better design for the signboard..

Funny dog taking sunbath

funny dog enjoying sunbath

Yes, not only woman, female dogs also like sunbath.. Here is the proof.

Crazy man in gas station

crazy man in gas station filling the tank

Man can be stupid, or crazy if you feel stupid is too offensive. This guy was just wanting to fill the tank...

World map of alcohol

world map of alcohol, traveller guide

This is a handy map for travel planning.

Funny dog swimming

funny dog swimming, enjoy swimming

Dog is a good swimmer; they can enjoy it, just like this one.

Funny expressway parking–only seen in USA

funny expressway parking, only seen in USA and China

Expressway is not express. It can be a just for parking. Only seen in USA, and probably China.

Cow pole dance

cow pole dance

Yes, not only man, but also ox, likes watching pole dance. They also suspect whether it is plastic or silicon.

Funny squirrel–only seen in Australia

funny squirrel, only seen in Australia

Cute squirrel. Probably can only be seen in Australia, the home country of the wikileakers...

Funny camel parking

funny camel parking with a parking slot

Camel also need a parking slot, and it seems he is happy with the arrangement.

Dude, you will get three mother-in-laws

funny marriage, three wives mean three mother-in-laws

Don't be so excited, dude. You will have three mother-in-laws, as well...