Shooting the cheater


Cheater caught, under gun


Erection in progress, poor man


Durex is better than diamond


Funny shirts for couple: his and hers


Obama dildo


Yes, it is official. You may order it for around $30 for your wife. Sorry, I forgot the vendor.

How to handle talkative wife?


Some problems look quite complicated, but it is easy to solve. Talkative wife is an example.  

Revenge your neighbour: peeing into his tank


You hate your neighbour.  You want to revenge. But you do not fuck his super-size wife. This is one solution: peeing into his gas tank.

Photo bomb: curb your enthusiasm


Sexy lady, would you please make it shorter?

Funny sumo table

funny japanese Sumo table

Sumo for Japanese is same as football for Americans. So, with a Sumo wrestler table at home is really cool for Japanese family. For Japanese housewives, it can even give them many imaginations when husband cannot satisfy them on bed (a report says Japanese couple has least sex in Asia).

Funny curve fitting bed

funny curve fitting bed, a good excuse for not sleeping with your wife or girl friend

A good reason not to sleep with your wife or girlfriend.

Curved bed

funny curved bed, not good for sex, your wife may complain

Nice design, but does your wife agree? At least it is not good for sex.

Funny egg sofa

funny egg sofa

Egg sofa. Maybe your wife will like it.

Cheating husband sign

funny yard sign, cheating husband

Ex-wife is always the most dangerous.

Why hooker is better than wife

funny picture, wife beating husband, hooker is better than wife

Man can also be a victim of family violence. This explains for some people a hooker is better than the wife.

Funny no parking sign, wife slapped

funny parking sign, violation will be wife slapped..

This may encourage some guys parking here, because they want to have wife slapped..

How to get breakfast in bed?

how to get breakfast in bed? sleep in the kitchen

Want to get breakfast in bed? This angry wife will tel you how: sleep in the kitchen.

Dude, you will get three mother-in-laws

funny marriage, three wives mean three mother-in-laws

Don't be so excited, dude. You will have three mother-in-laws, as well...

Real gentleman makes his wife loaded

funny picture, real gentleman should always make his wfie loaded , with beer

Yes, it is true, a real gentleman should make his wife fully loaded, maybe with beer if nothing else.