Photobomb: I don’t care about your kiss

funny photo kissing, bad breath,

Not everybody cares about your kiss. I told you already.

Funny kids, kissing as lovers

funny kids lover kissing in classroom

Surely, they are kids. Do they have the rights of having lovers (in classroom)? Relief: they are probably too young to know how to make love.

Photo bomb: eeee bad breath

funny photo bomb, bad breath, kiss, wingman

Wingman usually is essential for entertainment in almost all weddings. This time, he cannot live with the bad breath of the bride, it seems.

Funny and wet kiss

funny and wet kiss, kid kissing a pig

Yes, kissing is nothing uncommon, and kids like animals..

Funny dog’s kiss

funny dog kisses a child

Dog is man's best friend, at least better than woman. Even kids can prove it!.